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Our Clients: UOB Travel

Disciplines: Creative UI & UX

UOB Travel recognizes the need to improve customers' journey for trip booking at different scenarios. Three scenarios are established: A) walk-in customers to the bank branch, B) visitors attending the NATAS Fair, and C) corporate travellers making business trip bookings.

A) Visitors attending the NATAS Fair
UOB Travel tablet (UX & UI)I OS & Android

The app is targeted at visitors who are interested to book tour packages, air tickets, accommodation or search for travel ideas at the NATAS fair. One of the main core goals for this app is to achieve a speedy and seamless booking/payment process. Thus, simplifying the users' journey with a easy and intuitive user interface is essential. A robust search function is included to satisfy specific needs. A quick payment checkout, coupled with attractive imageries of travel sites with delightful user interface design and user experience had positively impacted on the bookings during the fair.

B) Corporate travellers making business trip bookings.
UOB Travel Mobile App (UX & UI) IOS & Android

The mobile app is targeted specifically at corporate travellers who are always on-the-go. The goal of the app is to allow corporate users to approve and review travel bookings of their staffs. Therefore, the user experience of such feature and function are studied in depth. An informed interface that would assist users to check status of their trips, approve or deny tasks, redeem points are completed within a few clicks. Icon driven navigations also act as a quick visual clue for corporate users of their status.

C) Kiosk Touch Screen: Walk-in customers to the bank branch

A 42 inch multi-touch display is installed at the bank premise to allow user make travel bookings personally. User experience exercises were mapped up during the researching process. Besides fulfilling the basic needs of booking a trip, UOB Travel extends its goals further to entice their travellers by:

1) Create awareness of best deals in real time based on users' preference
2) Suggest relevant options after user arrives with a particular intention. Thus, the multi-touch screen acts like an advisor who is able to suggest intelligent travel options according to users' preference. Intuitive navigation and user interfaces are designed to satisfied the needs and provide a better customer experience.