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Gastronomic Tourism '美食迁旅'

Suzhou Design Festival 2019

Disciplines: Illustration

The series of ‘Gastronomic Tourism (美食迁旅)’ artworks explore the meaning of ‘identity’, 'adaptation’ and ‘place’ in our increasingly borderless food diversification and its cultural journey. The role of food culture defines the identity of ethnic groups and countries across the world. It is also a tangible entity that is fluid in nature as it moves around to new regions during transmigration and embraces local food cultures and its gastronomical palates. In the age of globalization where travel is prevalent and convenient, gastronomic tourism becomes popular as tourists moved across borders to reach out for personal experence of local food taste.

In this thematic display, the assmeblage of more than thirty-two artworks are unified by shared engagements with identity, culture, and symbolism that demonstrate the movements of adaptation and identities across cultural and national boundaries. The overall visual dialogue emphasizes the significant of a continuous evolvement in new gastronomical journey and influences, while retaining to the local heritage and culture of their makings.