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SCS is one of the house butter brands in Singapore since 1905. To continue offering the goodness of premium quality diary products to a larger audience, SCS has successfully launched a range of other diary products such as SCS Spreadable Butter, SCS Cheese Slices and SCS Cream Cheese. In order to continue reaching out for a wider market share, SCS needed to find ways to keep and entice their loyal and new consumers.

Besides featuring the products in the website, Epoch helped to build a fan based club members - Passionate Chefs Club. The Passionate Chefs Club aims to engage consumers by sharing recipes using SCS products, members redemption, and baking contest. The SCS Star Baker Challenge site was launched to invite all passionate baking-enthusiasts to showcase their baking skills online and offline. Recipes and bakery photos are submitted and shared online. As of to date, SCS Dairy had achieved 31,000 fan based online and continues to grow.