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Everyday Is A Good Day

A wabi sabi inspired work
philosophy that brings you to our
perfectly imperfect world.

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Our Belief: Adopt A Work Philosophy
Rather Than A Single Project Goal

At Epoch, our skill sets and applications are not industry specific.
When we acknowledge that our projects are dynamic, we open ourselves to more possibilities. Recognising and planning for the evolving work nature makes us better prepared to cope with new expectations and challenges.

As an award winning studio, Epoch has more than twenty years of industry experiences. We provide creative services such as print design, UI/UX design for mobile and web, interactive appliances prototyping, eCommerce, game design, wearables, crafts, illustration, and many others.


Our Clients: Building Relationship

For our clients, we cannot exist without each other.
It is a perfect moment to ponder and appreciate our relationship
established during the imperfect moment at all times.


Our Crafts: Small Moments Matter

Sense more, see more and experience more. It is our humble beginning
and belief to discover new life in daily objects and stories of ordinary
people whom we encounter everyday.


Our Experiments: A Joyful Heart

“If the head does not have the answer, let the heart finds the way.”
Experiment is a mix of exploration and accepting imperfection.
The essence is in the sharing of the creation itself.


Find Us

Connect us with an open mind and open heart.
It could be the doorway to a long term relationship.